SB48.2 & APA1.6 – Bangkok Session, 2018

SB48-2 & APA1-6 are going to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from September 4, 2018 to September 9, 2018.  More details can be found on UNFCCC website here.

YOUNGO BottomLining team (BLT) members have been working to pool badges from different member NGOs of YOUNGO and currently a total of 10 accreditation badges can be offered – arranged via different NGOs (details towards the end of the description).

These 10 badges are now being put up for a competitive process.

The allocation is expected to be as follows:
In line with principles of continuity of engagement, and at the same proving a welcoming space for new members to engage with YOUNGO, 50 percent of badges will be allocated to youth who are attending a UNFCCC session for the first time; and the other 50 percent would be allocated to those who have engaged with YOUNGO before. The selection under both categories would be done separately and the questions in the form would adapt based on which category you affiliate to;
Gender and regional balance would be maintained in the allocation, with a priority to enhance participation of females and youth from the countries of global south.

An independent selection committee formed within the BLT shall conduct this fair and inclusive selection process.


+++ DEADLINE TO FILL THE FORM: Tuesday, 7th August 2018, 17.00  UTC +++

Furthermore, as an applicant, you must understand that:

(i) There is no form of funding involved as a part of this. You are responsible to make your own travel, accommodation, food and other arrangement, and there is NO form of financial support available;

(ii) In case your application is successful, the “accreditation letter” that you would receive would serve as a visa support letter – however, you are responsible for making your own arrangements during and throughout the visa application process and you indemnify YOUNGO BLT members from any formal responsibility around this;

(iii) In case your application is successful, you would be receiving a NGO-badge, and you would be bound to follow the NGO participation guidelines from UNFCCC; We strongly encourage that you read through those guidelines; YOUNGO or the members of the BLT shall not be responsible for any breach of those guidelines from your part, and you would be accountable directly to UNFCCC and the NGO providing the badges.

(iv) Similarly, any other legal matters would be resolved directly between you, the NGO and the relevant law enforcement entities and you indemnify YOUNGO BLT members for the same.

All the best for your application!

In case you have any questions, please contact YOUNGO Focal Points:
Yugratna Srivastava: [email protected]
Clara von Glasow: [email protected]