WG Agriculture

The Agriculture working group has a few projects running:

  • Soil carbon content enhancement
  • The Food@COP Campaign


Collage of #FoodForOurFuture campaign videos
Food@COP’s #FoodForOurFuture video campaign. Youth from 26 different countries shared videos in their native languages, articulating their support for Food@COP’s ask.

The Food@COP campaign is a coalition of youth, networks, and international organisations that have come together under the conviction that international climate conferences must exemplify the vision of a sustainable future with the catering they serve at their events today. Together, we are calling for the organisers of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) to cater a plant-based menu.

Visit our official page for more information:

Quick Links

Find our position paper, describing our official ask, here:

Why plant-based? Find our scientific backing here:

Join over 100 other organisations and endorse our campaign here:

If you share our vision, sign our petition here:

And if you want to do more, volunteer with us!